Question 1: Can I use Rapid Tracker in the Country xyz?
Ans 1; Rapid Tracker uses advanced GPS technologies with google maps to locate the person on the maps. The product will work in every country of the world as long Google supports that country's geographical mapping data. Rapid Tracker is not about mapping but collaboration as well. Those features will work in any part ofthe world have no location dependency of any kind at all.

Question 2: : My family has a different kind of phones, can I still use Rapid Tracker?
Ans 2: Very much. Rapid Tracker does NOT requires all users in the family groups to have the same phones. One member can have iPhone, other person can have an Android phone, another person can have Blackberry and yet third person can have normal java enabled Symbian feature phone. The application will work fine with any mix and match of phone types.

Question 3: How do I invite other family members to be part of my family group so that I can monitor them?
Ans 3: When you add a member to your application then an email request is sent to them. They must accept your email request to be part of your group. Note since rapid Tracker identifies a unique user using their email, they much create an account with the email on which your invitation is sent. If you use different emails for creating account and for the invitation, the system has no way to relate two users.

Question 4: : Why does each member need to have a separate Rapid Tracker account and password?
Ans: Rapid Tracker treats each member independently. Therefore, each person must create his or her own account independent account. The reason for this will become clear when you start using the app.
Not Satisfied with the Answer? Let me explain. We maintain separate notes, documents and photos for each user. And therefore, each user needs a separate private area and the identity of his or her own.

Question 5: Why do we need to specify a product type during login or account creation process?
Ans 5: It is a long story. But in short, we identify a user with a combination (tuple as they call in the computer science jargon) of three items: your email-id, the product type instaleld on the phone, and phone's internally stored unique idenifier. If you change any thing than your application may not recognize you correctly. This combination has been created to ensure security of the user data. The primary reason for the product type is that we have plans for several products in the Rapid Tracker family.

Question 6: Is family tracking too intrusive for a person?
Ans 6: Depends on the personal view and we don't require any one to track as data goes in the server and you don't need to check it all the times except in the emergency. Safety requires tracking - you are being captured by surveillance cameras at all places. So you are being tracked and phone tracking is no different. You can do status checkin only. Moreover, a user can stop the app if you don't want continuous checking. Or use our Geo-fencing and Geo-tracking Features for automatic alerts

Question 7: I need dedicated feature who do I contact about it?
Ans 7: You can send mail to to suggest any feature improvement. We will be happy to add any new feature that we think will be useful to our subscribers.